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Maybe you're currently...

...longing for time freedom (and know it's impossible to get there by working 40+ hours per week)

...picturing yourself on a crystal blue beach somewhere or in the heart of Paris popping in and out of cafes (and you want to actually make money doing it)

...wish you could be your own boss (and dream of being an insanely successful content creator)

We've done it and you can too!

Stack your calendar with PAID brand deals and content creation gigs!

With our UNIQUE brand partnership strategy you can:

  • Work when and where you want
  • Work less than 3 hours per day
  • Become the owner of your OWN 6-figure brand
  • Negotiate and upsell so you're not trading time for money
  • Land PAID brand deals to work with your dream brands
  • Get paid to travel the world

Stop spinning your wheels wondering what you're missing. You've got questions, we've got answers.

Without having a huge audience

Without having to spend long hours running your business

Without working on things you're not passionate about

We know you might have doubts like...

  • Why would brands want to work with ME when there are influencers with a larger following out there?
  • What do I say when I reach out to brands? How do I respond?
  • Do I need a media kit? I have no idea how to make one that stands out.
  • Isn't the market over-saturated already?
  • How much do I charge?

And most importantly...

How do I start GETTING PAID to work with brands???

This is where The Influencer Fast Pass


Let us help. You have questions, we have answers. Ready to go forward together? We are here to help you build your dream and support you on the journey! You're no longer alone, we're with you. We're going to help you end the cycles of guesswork, burnout, feeling alone on your journey, and the pressure to get it allll perfect - those days are done.

InstaPaid™ student Lisa's experience:


Learn how to stand out to catch brands' attention.


Learn how to show brands your value so you can set a competitive rate that actually makes you money (not these one-off $50 discount "brand deals" you're seeing in your inbox)


Get our unique pitching templates and subject lines that get your emails eagerly answered by brands wanting to work with you.


Negotiate terms, budgets and review contracts like a pro so you can make more money, which brings that freedom you're after.

PLUS, learn the things that we charge thousands for that many other creators just let brands have for free!


...have an engaged audience and want to learn how to monetize your following

...have no audience but want to learn how to monetize your content-creating skills to sell user-generated content

I learned how to negotiate

"Just wanted to share a win! I was chatting with a brand that just wanted to send products and it turned into a $350 deal!!


Made my investment back in less than a month

"I'm so incredibly excited. I closed $4000 in two brand deals in the last two days. I can't believe this is real! I am so grateful for this course and the confidence you gave me to negotiate and how to ask to get paid." 


Turn content creation > into brand pitching strategy > into paid brand deals > that we help you negotiate into long term, consistent income

"I signed four contracts for the month of May, one is a repeat client."

- Lisette

"I signed a contract with a baby food brand and they met my rate!"

- Julie

Hi, we're Ady & Kait

and we're the creators behind The Influencer Fast PassMASTERCOURSE. We can confidently say that becoming full-time content creators has dramatically changed our lives.

And we believe that it can do the same for you, no matter what your niche.

In less than 12 mo, we went from making "good money" creating content to landing five-figure brand partnerships (even $18,000-$35,000 deals)! Ady just landed her first six-figure week!

We are full-time Influencers and serial entrepreneurs with a combined 15 years of experience in the influencer industry. We have navigated the influencer industry by figuring a lot of things out via trial & error. And we've created THIS course to include everything we learned so that you wouldn't have to face the same struggles and setbacks.

"If you sit next to a high performer, just having a high performer in your close proximity will increase your productivity and performance by 15%." - Codie Sanchez

It is crucial to be at our table. To sit next to us. To get help from us, creators who are actually doing it, creating a full-time sustainable income in the influencer marketing industry.

Our goal is to help another 100 creators reach $100k this year.

Are you one of them?

"This has been life changing. Women empowering women and not seeing each other as competition."

- Maddy

"Thank you so much for all your guidance! I just got my first paid partnership and I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!!!!!"

- Angela

"I've gone from 4100 impressions to 32k in a 30-day time period!"

- Corinne

Now we teach our entire step-by-step strategy to YOU inside The Influencer Fast PassMASTERCOURSE:

In our MASTERCOURSE you'll find:

  • 6 Modules on Brand Pitching & Negotiating
  • 5 Modules of Modern/Non-Shady Growth Methods
  • 5 Modules on User Generated Content and our portfolio deck that has landed us a quarterly $7,000 UGC deal
  • Nailing your Social Strategy so you can work on autopilot
  • The exact pitch template and methods we personally use that regularly land us 5 figure brand deals: $10,000, 18,000, and $35,000
  • Create a high-converting bio
  • Contract review + Negotiating
  • Strategies for attracting your unicorn audience and building a community that converts
  • Imposter syndrome workshop

Enroll today to receive over 18 bonuses valued at over $9,493


What you'll learn inside the MASTERCOURSE:

  • How to grow an audience full of loyal fans and community members
  • Exactly what it takes to pitch professionally and stand out to brands among the noise
  • The number one secret to landing deals that everyone else is gatekeeping
  • How to set your rate, prove your value and pitch it with confidence
  • How to craft your subject line and email to get your pitch opened and answered (hint: this is where most people get stuck)
  • How to negotiate for higher rates and get paid for things that most influencers are giving away for free
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Inside the INSTAPAID curriculum:

Module 1: Who Are We? Why Learn from Us?

What sets us apart? Why 15 years of sales experience in advertising in both Corporate America and in a Start-Up environment helped me understand how brands buy. Paired with our 15+ years of blogging, we have a unique perspective, not many people have.

Module 2: Professional Blogging + Brand Building
Learn exactly what it takes to pitch professionally. Includes key terms to know before you pitch, different campaign KPIs, and creating a valuable brand.

Module 3: Your Brand Stats + Your Rate
The number one secret to landing deals that no one has told you. This section is extremely important and I can promise you that we're doing it differently than anyone else. We're using numbers you've never used to pitch... hint, it's not your follower number. Plus, how to find your rate. This is where we will prove your value and build your confidence to start charging what you're worth!

Module 4: Before You Pitch: Media Kits, Rate Sheets, Brand Calls, + Finding Brand Contacts
Everything from what to pitch to who and where to find the right contacts. Make sure you have these things ready before you pitch.

Module 5: Pitching from A to Z
Subject lines that guarantee a higher open rate because if your emails aren't even getting opened, you definitely cant land that deal. Learn how to structure and professionally phrase your pitch so that brands can't help but hire you. When and how to follow up. Plus my number 1 secret that lets you know if your pitch got their attention.

Module 6: Negotiation: Are You Charging for These Things?
Learn how to negotiate like a pro, gain respect in the eyes of the brand, and our secret tips to increase their budget without increasing your work. Don't leave money on the table! PLUS: Make sure brands aren't sneaking these things into your contract!

Sandee from @sandeelbooth loves the hands-on, continued support of the MASTERCOURSE Exclusive Facebook group!

Making your dreams come true... PRICELESS

Testimonials from the Squad

Christina from @christinaonair loves that the course content is easy to understand and implement!

"I've been trying to reach them for months and after using your guide they responded and want to get on a call!"

- Candice

"I've been killing the UGC game! Just signed a $1100 deal and an $800 deal this week!"

- Aly

Q: But will you teach me how to grow my audience?

What if I'm starting from zero?

A: Absolutely. This is where InstaGrowth comes in. If you're starting from zero, we recommend that you take the InstaGrowth course part of the bundle first. This will make sure that your profile is primed for followers and that your content is bringing those people

A peek at the InstaGrowth curriculum:

Module 1: Who am I? Why Learn From Me?

Module 2:
Pt 1: Niching Down & Content Pillars
Pt 2: Finding Your Voice & Aesthetic
Pt 3: Beating Imposter Syndrome

Module 3:

Pt 1: Establish Your Target Followers
Pt 2: Build a Bio that Sells
Pt 3: Follower Retention

Module 4:

Pt 1: Video Content for Growth
Pt 2: Hashtags for Growth
Pt 3: Posting Hacks for Growth
Pt 4: Creative Growth Strategies

Module 5:
Pt 1: Creating a Content Calendar
Pt 2: Batch Creating Content
Pt 3: Repurpose Content like a Pro

The result of creating a business as a content creator?

More income for you, whether it's just a side hustle right now or you're ready to go full time.

Time and location freedom because you're your own boss and create your own schedule.

Get started now!


As our special gift to you, if you join the squad before the countdown is over, you'll get access to UGC University completely FREE!

$399 value > FREE

Make money by working with brands with ZERO followers or add this to your current brand deals to take your income to the next level!

INSIDE UGCU (User Generated Content University), YOU'LL LEARN:

  • What is UGC and why you should incorporate it into your business
  • Qualities of a great UGC creator
  • Make Yourself Marketable Checklist
  • How to determine your pricing
  • How to make a stand-out portfolio from A-Z
  • How to actually get jobs and how to turn them into ongoing partnerships
  • Steal our exact method and portfolio deck that landed us a quarterly $7,000 UGC only partnership
  • UGC Contracts: what to know and how they’re different than influencer contracts
  • List of Forbes-recommended PR firms vetted by us to reach out to
  • How to make your photo/video content better so brands want to work with you again and again
  • Checklist of filming necessities to set you up for success

What our students are saying:


We know you have questions. Because we would too! And we see that as a positive - because people who ask questions are also people who take action.

So right now you probably have some lingering questions about The Influencer Fast Pass MASTERCOURSE.

Don’t worry. We’ve got you. Let’s dive in.

1. “Do I have to be landing brand deals already in order for this to work for me?”

Great news! No, you do not have to be landing brand deals right now in order to be successful after taking this course bundle. That’s kind of the point of the course - to help you START landing those big brand deals! We walk you through all the background information for getting your numbers ready, determining your rate, and creating a media kit that stands out from the noise. And of course, teach you how to send a killer pitch from A to Z that’s going to start you out on the right foot landing those deals!

2. “What if I don’t have a huge audience?"

That’s why the MASTERCOURSE is so valuable. Because you learn not only how to land big, dream brand deals, but how to grow an audience as well. We created the IFP MASTERCOURSE so it includes InstaPaid, InstaGrowth, and UGC University with you in mind. Whether you’re starting at 1,000 or 100,000, this information is going to apply to you.

3. “How long will it take me to complete both courses in the bundle?”

InstaPaid is over 3.5 hrs of no fluff, straight to the point big facts on how to get paid. Things that you can immediately implement to increase your revenue as a blogger and influencer. You’re getting stream-lined, action-oriented points to get you from A to Z as quickly as possible. We are your fast pass. 

There are additional worksheets, notes, and templates to help guide you and of course, you can go at your own pace. We highly recommend that you follow along with the steps inside the course and get each element ready to go so that you’re ready to pitch as soon as you complete the course. 

Believe us when we say, we want you to pitch asap because we want to see you succeed asap!

Think about it this way. Would you be willing to dedicate several hours to learning a new pitching strategy that could potentially bring you a full-time income for the foreseeable future?

4. “Is being an influencer right for me? I’m having tons of self-doubt.”

Is the influencer industry too saturated? Can I stand out? There are so many variations of this question that we hear daily from potential students. But every single day we have students saying “I am so glad I went for it and didn’t listen to those doubts." In the InstaGrowth Course, there is an entire module on self-doubt, beating imposter syndrome, and how you can set yourself up for success. 

Just another reason that this bundle is so valuable!


Like our student Lisa whose husband was able to quit his job to work with her.

Like our student Madison who is creating content and traveling full-time in her RV across the United States.

Like our students Molly, Julie, and Lisette who have shared their successes with us inside the InstaPaid Exclusive Facebook Group.

It’s normal to feel self-doubt. Even the biggest, most successful creators sometimes say “Who am I?”

But here’s what we’re promising you:

If you are ready to have time and location freedom. If you’re ready to create content on purpose. If you’re ready to work with your dream brands. If you’re ready to join a community that helps lift you up with no judgment or gatekeeping. Then this MASTERCOURSE is going to give you that. We think it will be LIFE-CHANGING!

You’re getting done-for-you templates, so you just plug and play


You’re getting lifetime access to the course so you can work at your pace, no one else’s. Which will always include every update and bonus we add in the future.

And most importantly, you’re getting access to the Influencer Fastpass Exclusive Facebook Group where you can ask your questions when you get stuck. 

The support is there.

You can do this.

5. “Can you remind me why I should enroll today (instead of waiting until I’m more ready)?”

Yes! I’m so glad you asked. The time is NOW! The influencer industry has reached over $16 billion dollars and it’s time for you to get your piece of that pie. Do you believe you deserve it?

And not only that, but you’re going to get the UGC University course ($399 value) free when you grab the MASTERCOURSE today! Our price will be going up and this deal will be going away. We don't want you to miss it. 

Plus, no one ever feels ready.

In our experience, the creators who become the most successful are the ones who had doubts and jumped in anyway.

Think about it this way: Would you rather jump in now and be living your dream life in 6 months? Or would you rather wait, wondering if this was right for you, in 6 months wondering what would have happened if you took the leap?


*Bonuses and new information will continue to be added if we feel it will benefit you and help you land more paid brand deals*

*Due to the downloadable nature of this course, there are no refunds.*

Enroll today to receive over 18 bonuses valued at over $9493


Who is The Influencer Fast Pass MASTERCOURSE for?

The influencer who absolutely loves what they do and knows they’re not making enough money doing it.

The content creator who creates valuable content but for some reason, they can’t get brands to respond.

The person who hasn't gotten started yet, but knows that they have what it takes

The stressed out influencer who feels like they’re spinning their wheels with what they’re currently doing, but has no idea what to change in order to make it work.

The aspiring content creator who is ready to MAKE THAT MONEY and secure your piece of the pie!!

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The step-by-step guide to monetizing your social presence, pitching and landing brand deals and creating a profitable business as a content creator.

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